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C. S. Lewis book club

My name’s Sue, and I set up the C. S. Lewis book club in September 2020 to share discussion and insights as I read 12 of Lewis’s best-known books in a local book club. Over a year I blogged regularly as we read through the books and chatted about them in book club. The book club has now come to an end as we’ve completed our year but I’m leaving this site up for a while so that anyone who is interested can browse the blogs and maybe be inspired to set up a C.S. Lewis book club too. You can find out more and look at the blogs through the links on the menu.

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The end of the beginning

So, we’ve finished our year of reading C.S. Lewis books and in my final blog I’ll try to sum up something of what we’ve learnt. But first, thanks to Christine, Julia, Karen, Lisa and Sandra for joining me as we met each month and discussed the latest book.  Your insights and our discussions have been…

Questions about The Four Loves

On Friday the book club met for our final meeting in our year of reading C.S. Lewis. We were discussing The Four Loves. We started by remembering how Lewis defined “Need-love” and “Gift-love” at the beginning of the book and then moved on through the chapters. These are the questions we looked at: What do…

The ultimate Love

I’ve always found the parable of the sheep and the goats in Matthew chapter 25 uncomfortable. In this parable the sheep and goats are judged according to whether they have helped and cared for the marginalised, those who are hungry and thirsty, a stranger, naked, sick or in prison.  In the parable Jesus tells the…