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C. S. Lewis book club

My name’s Sue, and I’ve set up the C. S. Lewis book club to share discussion and insights as we read 12 of Lewis’s best-known books together. Over the next year I’ll blog regularly as we read through the books and chat about them in book club. I hope you’ll want to join us with your comments and maybe set up your own book club. You can find out more and look at the blogs through the links on the menu.

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Everyday annoyances

Reading The Screwtape Letters we are led, as I mentioned in my previous blog, into a topsy turvy world. I have to keep reminding myself that the senior devil is advising his junior counterpart on how to thwart someone’s relationship with God. So he says “My dear Wormwood, I note with grave displeasure that your […]

Introducing The Screwtape Letters

We are reading The Screwtape Letters in March. Once again I’m drawing on the excellent biography of C.S. Lewis by Roger Lancelyn Green and Walter Hooper[1] for background information. Lancelyn Green and Hooper describe how Lewis wrote to his brother, Warnie, who was convalescing in Wales after being evacuated from Dunkirk in 1940, telling him […]

Discussing Reflections on the Psalms

The book club met last night to discuss Reflections on the Psalms. Some of us really enjoyed it from the start, and one “devoured” it more-or-less in one sitting. They loved the fresh approach to psalms that were very familiar. However, others of us found it difficult to get into and concentrate on. We all […]