About the book club

September’s book – The Four Loves

What was the C. S. Lewis book club all about?

The C. S. Lewis book club was like all book clubs – a place to meet and share discussion and ideas about books we read. In this case, it was for sharing the books of C. S. Lewis. The book club ran for a year from autumn 2020 to autumn 2021, and we have read 12 books together. In September we read the final book of the 12 – The Four Loves.

In these strange times when it was difficult to meet face to face, the book club met online. The members were recruited from South Derbyshire where I live. But this also seemed like a good opportunity to share more widely through a regular blog where a couple of times a week I talked about what we were reading and discussing.

The book club has now come to its natural end. Hopefully you have been able to join in, perhaps starting your own C. S. Lewis book club, or maybe just reading alongside us.

I’m leaving this website up for a while in case it inspires people to start their own C.S. Lewis book club – feel free to use the same list as we did, and to look at my blogs for ideas and questions to discuss.

For me it has been a rewarding year, deepening my faith and providing new insights into the work of a great writer. My final blog summarises the impact of the year.

The books we read were as follows: October – Surprised by Joy; November – Mere Christianity; December – Any Narnia book; January – The Problem of Pain; February – Reflections on the Psalms; March – The Screwtape Letters; April – Miracles; May – The Great Divorce; June – Letters to Malcom: Chiefly on Prayer; July – A Grief Observed; August – That Hideous Strength; September – The Four Loves.